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The Story Behind the BotHELL House of Horrors

Date: October 31, 2012
Invitation: The Mystery of Chester Van Buren
Location: Excavation Site on 93rd

 If you are familiar with Bothell, you may know that the house on 93rd Place has a sordid history.  Many know that there was a devastating fire in 1997 that burned the house to the ground, but most do not know that this is just one of many suspicious events that have taken place on these grounds.

    Years ago, this house was occupied by a seemingly pleasant, normal family. Chester Van Buren, his wife Clarice, and daughter Abigail lived prominently within the community for many years, until one day the family suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, on Halloween night.  No one has heard their true tale, but many have rumored that Chester had begun exploring the strange world of the Occult that may have ultimately lead to his family's demise.

    Brave trick-or-treaters are invited to visit us on Halloween night to learn more of their twisted tale, and the haunting history of the BotHELL House of Horrors!


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