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The Story Behind the BotHELL House of Horrors

Date: October 31, 2018
Challenge: Survive a night in the Voodoo Swamp
Location: The Bothell Bayou

  The air grows thick with a boggy stench and wicked things unknown as you journey deep into the bayou of Bothell.  Tales of hexes, spells and voodoo trickery swirl through the streets, thick as the green fog that spills from this cursed place.  As you approach, the sounds of frogs, crickets and more sinister creatures who snap at your heels rise above the menacing voices heard from within. Chants and whispers call you - and transfixed - your feet move against your will toward the endless beat of drums and rattles that lure you to your doom.  Do you dare journey into the vines and reeds?  Are you brave enough to face the terrifying legend of the Voodoo Priestess and her zombie minions?  Can you really outrun an alligator?!?   

    Brave trick-or-treaters are invited to visit us on Halloween night to explore the shadows of the Voodoo Swamp, and try your best to make it through the bayou.


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